The ITIL® Credit Profiler System

The ITIL Qualification Scheme introduces a modular credit system for each of the ITIL qualifications. All modules are given a credit value, and candidates meeting the requisite entry criteria and accumulating the required number of credits (22) can apply for ITIL Expert level of qualification. Click here to learn more about the Qualification Scheme.

Qualifications from earlier ITIL versions are also recognized within the system, together with qualifications endorsed as complementary to the core ITIL portfolio.

The purpose of the ITIL Credit Profiler is to advise ITIL candidates of the total credit value they have attained within the scheme and to provide general guidance on potential routes for further study based on candidate educational or qualification objectives.

Create your Credit Profile.

Create your credit profile by clicking the ITIL modules you have successfully completed or intend to take, in the graphic below. Then click the “View Credit Profile” button at the bottom of the page to see how many credits you have earned in the scheme.


  • Candidates must achieve a minimum of 17 credits to be eligible for the Managing Across the Lifecycle course and examination;
  • Candidates MUST attain a minimum of 22 credits in a balanced selection of modules to gain ITIL Expert Level of qualification;
  • When using complementary qualifications credits – a maximum of 6 credits can be used in the ITIL core scheme

It is strongly recommended that candidates achieve a balanced selection of modules (i.e. modules which cover processes and functions across the entire ITIL Service Lifecycle) when working towards ITIL Expert Level of qualification, to ensure that the full ITIL knowledge base has been covered.

Key to Diagram

OSA = Operational Support & Analysis
PPO = Planning, Protection & Optimization
RCV = Release, Control & Validation
SOA = Service Offerings & Agreements
SS = Service Strategy
SD = Service Design
ST = Service Transition
SO = Service Operation
CSI = Continual Service Improvement
ICTIM = ICT Infrastructure Management
CPDE = Certified Design Process Engineer
SDI = BCS Service Desk and Incident Management
SLMS = BCS Service Level Management Specialist
SCBRM = BCS Specialist Certificate in Business Relationship Management
SCPM = BCS Specialist Certificate in Problem Management
SCSM = BCS Specialist Certificate in Supplier Management
CMS = BCS Change Management Specialist
IPPI = ITIL Practitioner Plan & Improve – Availability Capacity ITSC
IPAD = ITIL Practitioner Agree & Define – Finance SLM
IPSR = ITIL Practitioner Support & Restore – Service Desk Incident Problem
IPRC = ITIL Practitioner Release & Control – Change Configuration Release
SDIM = Service Desk & Incident Management
SLM = Service Level Management
RM = Release Management
PM = Problem Management
IT SCM = IT Service Continuity Management
FM = Financial Management
COM = Configuration Management
CHM = Change Management
CAM = Capacity Management
AM = Availability Management

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