ITIL® Glossary 2011 Edition- 59 entries added, 26 deleted


ITIL® Glossary 2011 Edition- 59 entries added

1.accounting period
2.asset specificity
3.Best Management Practice (BMP)
5.Capital Budgeting
6.Capital Cost
7.Change Evaluation
8.Change Proposal
9.Chargeable Item
10.Charging Policy
11.Charging Process
13.Cost Model
14.CSI register
15.Customer Asset
16.Customer Agreement Portfolio
17.Customer-Facing Service
18.Design Coordination
19.Enabling Service
20.Enhancing Service
21.Enterprise Financial Management
22.Excitement Attribute
23.Excitement Factor
24.Financial Management for IT Services
25.Financial Year
26.Fit for Use
27.Fixed Asset
28.Fixed Asset Management
29.Information System
30.ISO / IEC 27002
31.IT Accounting
33.Management Information System (MIS)
34.Normal Change
35.Normal Service Operation
36.Project Charter
37.Project Management Institute (PMI)
38.Project Management Office (PMO)
39.Project Portfolio
40.Real Charging
41.Release Package
42.Request Model
43.Return on Assets (ROA)
44.Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX)
45.Security Management Information System (SMIS)
46.Service Catalogue Management
47.Service Change
48.Service Charter
49.Service Lifecycle
50.Service Model
51.Service Option
52.Seven-Step Improvement Process
53.Shared Service Unit
54.Software Asset Management (SAM)
55.Strategic Asset
56.Strategy Management for IT Services
57.Supplier and Contract Management Information System (SCMIS)
58.Transfer Cost
59.Work Order

ITIL® Glossary 2011 Edition- 26 entries deleted

1.Capability Maturity Model (CMM)
2.Capital Item
3.Change Case
4.Contract Portfolio
5.Core Service Package (CSP)
7.Do Nothing
9.External Sourcing
10.Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA)
11.Help Desk
12.Internal Sourcing
13.ISO / IEC 17799
14.IT Directorate
15.Managed Services
16.Office of Public Sector Information (OPSI)
17.Performance Anatomy
18.Release Process
20.Service Provisioning Optimization (SPO)
21.Service Utility
22.Service Warranty
23.Supplier and Contract Database (SCD)
25.Technical Service
26.Variable Cost Dynamics

ITIL® Acronyms 2011 Edition- 21 entries added

1.AST Agreed Service Time
2.BMP Best Management Practice
3.COBIT Control OBjectives for Information and related Technology
4.DML Definitive Media Library
5.ELS Early Life Support
6.ISG IT Steering Group
7.MIS Management Information System
8.PDCA Plan-Do-Check-Act
9.PMBOK Project Management Body of Knowledge
10.PMI Project Management Institute
11.PMO Project Management Office
12.PRINCE2 PRojects IN Controlled Environments
13.PSO Projected Service Outage
14.RACI Responsible, Accountable, Consulted and Informed
15.ROA Return on Assets
16.SAM Software Asset Management
17.SCMIS Supplier and Contract Management Information System
18.SDP Service Design Package
19.SMART Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound
20.SMIS Security Management Information System
21.SOX Sarbanes-Oxley (US law)

ITIL® Acronyms 2011 Edition- 10 entries deleted

1.BCM Business Capacity Management
2.BSM Business Service Management
3.CAB / EC Change Advisory Board / Emergency Committee
4.CSIP Continual Service Improvement Program
5.CSP Core Service Package
6.FMEA Failure Modes and Effects Analysis
7.OGC Office of Government Commerce
8.PSA Projected Service Availability
9.SCD Supplier and Contract Database
10.SPO Service Provisioning Optimization

ITIL 2011 What Has Changed 26 processes, 4 functions

Strategy Management for IT Services, Business relationship management, Design coordination new; Evaluation renamed to Change evaluation, all sub-processes subsumed under one seven-step improvement process in CSI

Service Strategy Processes (5)
1. Strategy management for IT services (New)
2. Service portfolio management
3. Financial management for IT services
4. Demand management
5. Business relationship management (New)
Service Design Processes (8)
1. Design coordination (New)
2. Service catalogue management
3. Service level management
4. Availability management
5. Capacity management
6. IT service continuity management (ITSCM)
7. Information security management
8. Supplier Management

Service Transition Processes (7)
1. Transition planning and support
2. Change management
3. Service asset and configuration management
4. Release and deployment management
5. Service validation and testing
6. Change evaluation (Renamed)
7. Knowledge management
Service Operation Processes (5)
1. Event management
2. Incident management
3. Request fulfillment
4. Problem management
5. Access management
Continual Service Improvement Processes (1)
1.Seven-step improvement process
Service Operation Functions (4)
1. Service Desk
2. Technical Management
3. IT Operations Management
4. Application Management
Strategy Management for IT Services, Business relationship management, Design coordination new; Evaluation renamed to Change evaluation, all sub-processes subsumed under one seven-step improvement process in CSI